Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Discussion Topic for Tuesday, December 28, 2004 Does The Bush Administration Want An Iraqi Civil War? If you start with the premise that the Busheviks invaded Iraq in order to, one, control its resources, and two, have a base to project power throughout the Middle East, then from a pure power politics perspective there are several reasons why they might think a low intensity civil war in Iraq could be advantageous. First, in a violently divided society, the small but powerful US force can tip the balance one way or another as it suits them. Second, a population fighting with itself is distracted from fighting directly against the occupiers. Third, it gives a continual excuse for intervention. So what do you think? Even for this crowd of Mayberry Machiavellis, does that idea exceed the bounds of cynicism? No, strike that, nothing is too cynical for this bunch. But does it exceed the bounds of competence? That's a tougher call. I mean, everything that has gone wrong in Iraq, everything that has increased the strains in the social fabric, that has cut the connections between different Iraqi groups, could result from ineptitude rather than from deliberate strategy. And these guys have demonstrated a magnificent, almost sublime, incompetence in everything they've tried with the exception of stealing stuff, whether resources, elections, whatever. So what do you think? Usual rules - comment on the topic here, use the comments from the news thread for news. Thanks! .


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