Wednesday, January 14, 2004

War News for January 14, 2004 Draft Bring ‘em on: Car bomb kills two civilians, wounds 14 Iraqi policemen in Baquba. Bring ‘em on: ICDC soldier killed in firefight near Tikrit. Bring 'em on: Eight Iraqis reported killed in firefight with US troops in Samarra. Bring ‘em on: Iraqi policeman killed in attack on police checkpoint in Ramadi. (Last Paragraph.) Bring ‘em on: US military administrators attacked during meeting with local leaders in Kirkuk. CENTCOM reports one US soldier died in a "non-hostile incident" in Mosul. US troops arrest family members of Iraqi fugitive. India abandons plan to establish military hospital in Najaf. “Well-placed Government officials attribute the decision to the lack of confidence in the security situation in Iraq.” Bremer’s CPA concocts a recipe for continued unrest. Tribal leader in Tikrit warns US raids inflame tensions. Another Bush lie exposed. “The document provides a second piece of evidence challenging the Bush administration contention of close cooperation between Hussein's regime and al Qaeda terrorists. CIA interrogators already have elicited from the top al Qaeda officials in custody that, before the U.S.-led invasion, Osama bin Laden had rejected entreaties from some of his lieutenants to work with Hussein.” Commentary Opinion: O’Neill snatched the covers off Lieutenant AWOL. “In a move that some think was designed to intimidate, the Treasury Department has announced that it will investigate whether O'Neill broke the law by taking and then releasing classified documents to Ron Suskind, author of the book about the former Cabinet member.” Number of days before DOJ initiated an investigation after Robert Novak blew the cover of a CIA agent: 74. Number of days before Treasury initiated an investigation of O’Neill: One. “Nuff said. Casualty Reports Local story: Georgia soldier killed in Iraq. Local story: Minnesota soldier wounded in Iraq. Local story: Oregon soldier wounded in Iraq.


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