Monday, June 30, 2003

Operation Desert Sidewinder” begins. From CENTCOM: “Coalition forces continued aggressive patrols and raids throughout the country over the last 24 hours, conducting 1,317 day patrols and 1,053 night patrols. They also jointly patrolled with the Iraqi Police conducting 213 day patrols and 161 night patrols. The total patrols and raids resulted in 128 arrests for various criminal activities including one murder arrest in Baghdad.” US patrol ambushed near Fallujah. Embedded reporter wounded. Three Iraqi civilians killed in vehicle collision. US troops under RPG attack near Fallujah. Press report on “Desert Scorpion.” Iraqis detained, motorbikes in Fallujah confiscated. Chalabi says Saddam Hussein is behind attacks on Americans. Raids conducted in Mosul on June 28th. “The homes belonged to suspected associates of Abu Ammash (Wahabi Extremists). The soldiers detained 15 individuals and confiscated four AK-47 rifles, one 9mm pistol, one hand grenade, one artillery round.” Who is the “Iraqi Resistance?” Two views. The Players: Analysis/biographies of potential Iraqi leaders and internal conflicts. Amnesty International questions US detention policy in Iraq. Guardian (UK) commentary: “Bush and Blair promised justice in Iraq. Another lie.” Investment risk analysts warn of "an even chance” of open revolt in Iraq. Commentary: “The Rumsfeld team has substituted wishful thinking for facts.” Afghanistan: Rocket attack on military compound near Jalalabad. Previous attacks have been attributed to Taliban and Al Qaeda. Afghanistan: A sense that things “are beginning to unravel.” Home front: Bush administration snoozing on the homeland defense job. Bush fundraising fundraising in Florida. Comic relief: The view from NewsMax.


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